January 24, 2018

And this time we’re Touring

Confession of a Born Again Biker - Touring Spain 2018

This year we are closer to Brother Carle’s definition of Touring, that we were in 2017 – see CoaBaB Part 17 – Touring. It was a long discussion we had last year over what defines a trip as “touring”.

Are you required to change locations on a regular basis or can you tour from a fixed location? Accepting that you have to travel a reasonable distance, before setting up camp?

We never did resolve it fully and to be honest I think we were just filling in the time the ferry takes to cross the Bay of Biscay, which is always longer than I wish it would take.

This year, the longest we are in one place is three days. Our basic plan is to arrive at Bilbao and having divided the journey into segments of around 200-250 miles a day; we are initially heading east across the Pyrenees through Jaca and Vic.

We then head south toward Monroya, which is a small town roughly halfway between Zaragoza and Valencia, where we will spend a few days messing about, which will include a visit to Motorland Aragon.

Then we depart north-west, towards Soria, passing through Miranda de Ebro, before arriving back at the Ferry to kill off some more brain cells through boredom, while chugging back towards Portsmouth.

With ten days left before I have to pay the balance of the £750 ferry crossing, I might just give EuroBikeTrans a call and see if there are running. Their website doesn’t show a schedule for 2018 yet, which is perhaps reasonable as I’m writing this on 1st January.

Checking out the other bike delivery service I know, BikeShuttle, their website says they are not starting until May, with an option on April if demand is high enough. The chances are that the Ferry or the long slog through France will be my only two options, with the ferry the more practical and cost-effective.

Most people are sensible enough to wait for it to warm up before going touring, so I can’t expect the full variety of transport options. I’m just impatient, and after the excellent trip to Navia last year, March cannot arrive quickly enough.

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