January 24, 2018

Carl Cox Motorsport Hyosung Cup from TT Kiwis

Confessions of a Born Again Biker - Hyosung Cup Last to First

Winter up here in the northern hemisphere, means that the Carl Cox Motorsport Hyosung Cup has started in New Zealand, with the opening round being held at Hampton Downs.

Despite it officially being summer in NZ, track conditions for qualifying were wet and for the race that unhappy blend of damp and greasy.

However, this did give Jacob Stroud the opportunity to show what can be done when you go looking for grip away from the standard racing line and are prepared to experiment. A fine example of look, lean and roll. Brother Andy would be impressed (see Masters in Motorcycling)

And for his efforts Jacob Stroud can now list, winning a race when he started 39th and last, to his list of racing accomplishments.

Our good friends at TT Kiwis have edited the onboard footage down to the most exciting six minutes and eight seconds of the race. Enjoy. The run into the first corner is very impressive.

Jacob Stroud - Last to First

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