February 22, 2018

The places Calimoto will take you

Confessions of a Born Again Biker - Spain video

The past few days have been a never-ending series of enjoyable bends. Such are the magnificent roads around Navia, in northern Spain.

Having tendencies that, at times may be considered close to OCD, the level of researching and planning that has gone into each days riding has been impressive. Whereas it is highly commendable to be so prepared, one of the reasons for being here is to test Calimoto, the dedicated motorcycle GPS, and specifically the “Round Trip” feature.

This wonder of modern technology, allows you to select the direction and the distance you would like to ride and then Calimoto plans and guides you on a tour of the best bends it can find, ultimately delivering you neatly back to where you started from.

If at some point on your tour, you find yourself in need of petrol, then there is the “find the nearest petrol station and guide me there“, option. Considering some of the quiet, twisting, and wonderfully free of traffic roads that we have been riding, there was the odd occasion when this feature was very useful. I don’t think we would have found some of petrol stations Calimoto guided us to, even if we had known where we were going.

Rather than drone on about the scenery (it was epic) – the bends (challenging and amazing) – the empty roads (yes they were) and generally explaining what a satisfying and memorable time we are having, I offer you a short video on just a few of the places, Calimoto has taken us over the past few days.



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